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Collectors Item - Music, Art and Life
Onyx Get Rowdy On Unreleased Song "Fight" From 1995

You'll be luckily if you walk away with a black eye and broken nose as Onyx turn up the heat in '95 on "Fight". The Slam continues in one of the best songs about throwing your hands that Hip Hop has seen yet. Enjoy the energy as Sticky, Fredro and Sonee pulverize and beat your speaker into submission on this rare track from the forthcoming "Cold Case Files Vol. 3".

Rare '69 Blues-Rock LP by Moloch, Reissued For Stax 60th Anniversary

By JR on 3:26 PM

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"Moloch’s self-titled album is an outlier in the Stax catalog with its combination of rock, hard blues, psychedelic acid-washed guitar solos, and blue eyed soul. But despite the band members’ abbreviated time together, Moloch remain influential in the Blues world, and, even more so in Memphis lore. In his liner notes, Bob Mehr writes, "the legacy of the band is bigger than a single song.

Over the decades, the LP became a totem for guitarists and blues seekers alike, for whom Moloch remains godhead.” Mehr goes on to praise the band’s late guitarist, Lee Baker, declaring that "Baker’s work continues to exert a profound influence on a generation of Memphis guitar players. The Moloch LP served as a touchstone for the North Mississippi Allstars’ Luther Dickinson and the Hold Steady’s Steve Selvidge, among other acolytes.”

The reissue of Moloch is part of a wide-ranging, year-long initiative, celebrating Stax Records’ 60th anniversary. The cross-label collaboration between Concord Music Group and Rhino Entertainment will highlight the hits, deep cuts and rare tracks from the Memphis label’s heyday of the '60s and ‘70s." - Concord Records

Singer Sarah Elizabeth Charles Explores The Mind & Soul On "Zombie"

By JR on 2:57 PM

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Find a nice escape from it all and a new focus as the music of singer Sarah Elizabeth Charles serves to break the tension gained from life's complexities. In an exploration of the mind, this progressive leader of music makes the focus of the mind her inspiration for the adrenaline rush of "Zombie". From her fall 2017 album "Free Of Form" out now on Ropeadope Records which features the version of the song with backing instrumentation.

Arranged & Performed by Sarah Elizabeth Charles
Written by Dolores Mary O’Riordan
Directed by Ferrari Xavi
Styled by Mia Wright-Ross
Hair & Make-up by Stephen Hudson

All Rights Reserved

Recorded at Electrik Indigo Sound
Mixed by Jesse Fischer & Mastered by Alex DeTurk


Baritone Tiplove's Rare 1990 Album "Livin' Foul" Reissued Digitally

All hell iz breakin' loose as Baritone and Tiplove pump the bass and treble for 1990 on their highly sought-after album "Livin' Foul". Originally released in 1990 in USA as rare cassette only release, only 100-150 pieces remain in existence but thanks to Spotify we can enjoy this Golden Era Hip Hop flavor.

Artwork – Phill Stromann*
Co-producer – Scott Herzog
Mastered By – Howie Weinberg
Mixed By – Phill Most Chill, Scott Herzog, Scott Herzog
Other [Constructive Criticism & Artistic Input On All Cuts] – Scratchmaster Rob
Producer, Written-By, Arranged By – Phill Most Chill
Remastered By [For Vinyl] – Dj Reflux
Scratches – D.J. Severe, Papa Do Chill, Phill Most Chill

Kool & The Gang - "Open Sesame" (Rock Cover by Guitarist Josh Koller)

By JR on 9:31 AM

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Feel the electrified energy of Josh Koller who is here to put on spell on you with a new take on an all-time classic of 70's Funk and Soul. This killer arrangement of "Open Sesame" takes the joyful vibe of Kool & The Gang's horn section and transforms it into an exciting Rock affair.

Revisiting the timeless Funk and Soul sound which Kool & The Gang's label is known for, DJ Spinna is here to make you boogie on down and celebrate with his "De Lite Dance Delights" mixtape. Now available on CD at Juno Records.

Roy Ayers Keyboardist James Mason Reissued With Rare Tracks For 2017

By JR on 7:07 AM

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Bounce to the carefree vibe of Roy Ayers guitarist/keyboardist James Mason who brings a moment of love and happiness to remember in the ''Rhythm Of Life''. This 1977 gem of Jazz/Funk/Soul fusion receives a special reissue in the 2017 limited-edition 7" double pack by Dynamite Records. The 'Sweet Power Your Embrace' collection highlights the best of the '77 album plus offers rare alternate versions of some songs. Enjoy a collectors item that is sure to bring good vibes to your stereo for years to come.

The version of 'Sweet Power Your Embrace'' is taken from the incredibly rare 7 inch promo only issue. On the flipside is a different version of the club floor dancer ''Free'' which features a heavy bongo workout . The 45 second slab on this package features two tracks featuring the vocals from Clarice Taylor on ' I've Got My Eyes On You'' and the superb 'Slick City' which were both never commercially released as a 45 before.

WKCR's Rare Funk & Soul Authority: Across 110th St. w/Danny Rudder

By JR on 1:09 PM

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I dug back in my cassette tapes to uncover another collection of Across 110th Street radio show recordings. Next to Stretch & Bob, this is my 2nd favorite show that used to air on 90's WKCR FM radio during the mid-90's. Host Danny Rudder with occasional guests Chairman Mao and Ricky Powell set the tone for the weekend lounge, spinning rare Funk and Soul gems each Saturday.

For the crew's unique personalities and strong affinity for Hip Hop, this made for a rare groove show like none other I've heard since. Kick back and enjoy the buttery flaves as Columbia University of New York gets groovy.

The DRUM 90's Radio ft. Kool G Rap, Craig Mack, Boot Camp Clik & More

By JR on 12:48 PM

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Very little info about this show online but very dope radio show nonetheless. The DRUM Show aired on 90.1 Stanford College Radio early 90's and featured a list of Hip Hop heavyweights to bless the mic. Enjoy the tapes provided by the collection of Kurlee Daddee.

Don't Disturb This Groove: Songwriter Duo The System Visit The Electric Touch

By JR on 7:48 AM

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In 2017, The Pleasure Seekers David Frank and Mic Murphy of The System visit The Electric Touch show for a celebration of hits and the 80's. From working with Kleer, Phil Collins and Chaka Khan to their own classics, David and Mic have a lot of music and memories to share. The host of the show is a synth fan which makes for a cool interview with this innovative duo of synths and drum machines. Discover how The System created their signature electro-Pop sound, plus studio methods and behind the scenes stories behind their productions.

KRS-One's "Return Of The Boom-Bap" LP, Limited-Edition Transparent Vinyl Reissue

By JR on 4:09 AM

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How many real Hip Hoppers in place right about now? For fanatics of the boom-bap, Music On Vinyl presents a collectors item on limited-edition transparent vinyl. Get down with the sound of B.D.P. in this special reissue of KRS-One's 1993 album "Return Of The Boom-Bap". DJ Premier, Showbiz and Kid Capri are on production for the solo debut by KRS. Enjoy a fine balance between the ruff and rugged vibe of '93 and KRS's own socially-conscious+scholarly approach to blessing the masses of Hip Hop through edutainment.

Now available on limited-transparent vinyl here at Amazon.

Prince Paul's "The Redux" ft. Breeze Brewin, The Guru, De La Soul & More

By JR on 4:02 AM

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1) The Redux - Breeze Brewin , MC Delite

2) Uff It - Horror City , Jean Grea

3) Drama Mama - Trugoy , Truth Enola

4) I told you once I told you twice - Guru , Planet Asia

5)Twinkle Twinkle - Bumpy Knuckles

6) Lola's Boy - Zakee

7) Girls wanna do me , Guys wanna be my friend - Youngman

8) Horror City Baby - Horror City

9) Rhymes and Chrymes - Tash , Tony Touch , Beatnuts

10 ) I dont care - De La Soul , The Good the Bad and the Ugly

11) Chinese Spare Ribs - Rza , Feat Horror City

12) People and Places / No I didnt - Chubb Rock , Wordsworth , Mf Doom

13) I need what I need - Kardinal Official , Sly Boogie , Socrates

14) Just cant give up - Buckshot , feat J Zone on drums

15) So what N.... Always talk - Master Ace , Pretty Ugly , Kokane

16) Teach You the Sounds - P.P.

17) Make more Room - Def Squad

18) 5000 Boomin watts - Dirty Disco Squares Featuring Chill Rob G

19) *Bonus remix track
Lola's Boy (got jazzy grits mix)
Remixed by DCee and Johann Sebastian

Reduced , Deranged and Mixed up by Prince Paul at Paul's Coffee Shop LI
Photo by Milkcrate kid
Artwork DJ A.VEE

Feel The Freedom Of Alternative Rock Singer Marley Munroe

By JR on 3:11 PM

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"Marley Munroe announces herself as a force to be reckoned with each time she steps on stage. Whether on the main stage at the 2015 Long Beach Pride Festival, the Catalina Island Film Festival, or popular music venues such as New York City's Rockwood Music Hall or Los Angeles' The Mint – Marley’s voice is all at once powerfully dynamic, penetratingly sultry and gently vulnerable. The moment her song begins, you can't take your eyes off of her.

With her colossal vocal talent and outsized charisma - along with her natural songwriting ability, Marley transitions easily between contemporary-soulful and edgy alternative songs, without sacrificing an ounce of authenticity. She may sound like the second coming of Gladys Knight, but Marley refuses to be pigeonholed as a soul singer. My sound marries the different parts of who I am. I love artists from Jay-Z to Coldplay and from Alanis Morissette to David Bowie; but then I also listen to Billie Holiday and Donny Hathaway. My music brings those loves together. I don't want to be straight-up any one thing because I have so many different influences. I love big, epic, stadium songs; but, I don't know how to do rock or pop without the soul."

As a BMG/Chrysalis songwriter, Munroe's collaborators include some of the music industry's most prolific writers, including Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Justin Gray, Rob Kleiner, Mateo Laboriel, The Monsters, Chris Braide, Trevor Lawrence, London Police, The Heavyweights and Chris Seefried. In late 2014, Anastacia released a much-anticipated comeback album, which features two of Marley's songs: Staring At The Sun & I Don't Want To Be The One.

Marley is currently working on original material that she is preparing to share with the world. She continues to schedule live engagements into and throughout 2016."

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